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NetRaid 3si and Rack Storage 12

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NetRaid 3si and Rack Storage 12

Hi There,
I have an E800 server with a NetRaid 3si card in it. Attached to the 3si is a Rack Storage 12 unit. The LED on the 3si card is flashing red, and the LED on the Rack Storage 12 is flashing red.
If I reboot the server, all LEDs will turn green for a period of time, and then they will eventually begin flashing RED again. My drives all appear to be fine. Their LEDs are all solid green.
My OS is NT4.0. SP6. Latest drivers are loaded.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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Re: NetRaid 3si and Rack Storage 12

First of all make sure the bios versions for the 3Si na dthe servers are up to date.
Make sure that tha external cables you are using are one of the following:
D6982A 5 meters
D6983 10 meters
-Althuogh I do not believe this 3Si is supported on the E800 ,I may be wrong so check the manual of the 3si.
if it is supported MAKE very sure that it is installed on slot 3 or 4 on the PCI slots.
Best of luck