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NetRaid 4m strange events

Maks Bragar
Occasional Visitor

NetRaid 4m strange events

Hi I am have NetRaid4M
In event log next messages:

\Device\HPN0 : ID(0:03:0); Medium Error [k:0x3,c:0x3,q:0x0]
\Device\HPN0 : ID(0:03:0); Peripheral Device Write Fault
\Device\HPN0 : ID(0:03:0); Defect List Error

But then I go to the FAST utility I can't see any truble eith raid on hardware level !
All right!
Any body can say that I must doing ?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: NetRaid 4m strange events

Hello Maks,

the SCSI error is already decoded for you by the Netraid 4M software and the
sense key 03 and asc/ascq 03 00 mean what is mentioned :

a disk medium error and a write fault to the disk's defect tracking list happened on SCSI id 3 on channel 0 of the 4M controller.

Their have been some issues in the past with the older 4M firmware and s/w, make sure this is updated to the latest first.

Make sure the toptools agents are at latest level also as their has been some interaction/conflict between the agents and the 4M also some time ago with SCSI pass through commands they use.

If the message still shows up, i think the disk at ID=3 has it's defect track list filled up and should be replaced.

How frequently do you see this ?
Do you only see this on disk at ID=3 ?
What F/W revision has the disk at ID=3 ?
Any more detail in the log file that is available in FAST ?


Greg Carlson
Honored Contributor

Re: NetRaid 4m strange events


I agree with Kris in making sure you are at the latest levels for your fw and top tools. Most likely that hdd on Ch 0 ID 3 needs to be replaced as it has some bad blocks which are not being handled like they should.

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