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NetRaid (4si) and ServiceGuard?

Tom Rosenfeld_1
Occasional Visitor

NetRaid (4si) and ServiceGuard?

Is this card supported for use with ServiceGuard on HP-UX? Linux? Any links to more docimentation would be appreciated.

Sven Jacobsen
Occasional Advisor

Re: NetRaid (4si) and ServiceGuard?

HI Tom,

go to the following URL and you will see the configuration guide (pdf). This document will gve you configurations, supported servers aso.
Probably helps you the most. There is Linux and HPUX information in there.


As for Netraid (4si), there is no such controller. There is only one 4 channel Netraid which is the Netraid 4m. The last Netraid xSI titulated Controller was the Netraid 3SI a 3 Channel Controller (no longer sold). There is a 4SI RaidController for the Risc processor market but it is not named Netraid.

Further details to configuration regarding Serviceguard Systems you can find on the am website.

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: NetRaid (4si) and ServiceGuard?


The 4si card does NOt support ServiceGuard, because it does not support more than 1 SCSI controller on the disk arrays (JBODs).


See here for details under "Features".

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Tom Rosenfeld_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: NetRaid (4si) and ServiceGuard?

Thanks for the answers but I am still looking for some clarification.

Maybe "4si" is not the model I want, but I do know that a NetRaid card was supported on the (PC) Netservers in a cluster configuration with 2 hosts. Shouldn't the same card be available under Linux on the same hardware?
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: NetRaid (4si) and ServiceGuard?

The NetRaid devices cannot be shared among hosts, so they cannot be used in a cluster as shared storage.

You can use them to boot from, though.

For shared storage, look at a VA7100 or VA74XX, EMA7000, EMA1200, EVA, or XP.

Good luck!
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