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NetServer LPr and AMI MegaRAID 300

Bruce Bracey
Occasional Visitor

NetServer LPr and AMI MegaRAID 300

Has anyone had any luck configuring a non-HP RAID to work with the HP NetServer LPr? I am trying to use an AMI MegaRAID 300.

I have put the terminator on the on-board SCSI controller, and I am running a new SCSI cable from the AMI RAID to the backplane of the drives.

When I boot, I get an Invalid Configuration message from the AMI card. When I try to ALT+M to configure the array, the box reboots.

If I try to go into the BIOS setup with the card installed, it gets to the AMI diagnostics and the system freezes before it enters BIOS.

Any suggestions? TIA!