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Netraid 1Si LC2 + P1217A

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Netraid 1Si LC2 + P1217A

Have a customer with an old LC2 (Yep it's still running great) However one of the drives failed in the array (4GB H/S) the only small drives we have instock are 9GB HP H/S Drives P1217A. So far the raid controller has not been able to see them? Infact I went so far as removing all 3 drives from the server and fitting 3 x P1217A sadly the Netraid 1Si could not see any of them? Have a feeling it's an LVD issue? but according to the specs I have the 1SI supports LVD.

Something else which I would like to clarify. The Netraid 1Si (which it states on a sticker on the board) has a model number of D2140, and according to something on found on the HP site, it say's that model No: is for the Netraid 1? Is that right? And will this controller support LVD Drives.

Regards Paul.
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