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Netraid 1si and wd 18gbdrives

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Netraid 1si and wd 18gbdrives

Why do I have to force my WD 18 gb drives to SE in order to get them to work with the 1si controller? The controller has an LVD connector ext. I'm using the HP LVD to 68 pin ext cable. The drives are wde18310 LVD 160MB yet the array i create fails every time if I do not force the drives to Single ended?? HELP!!
Franco Cenati
Valued Contributor

Re: Netraid 1si and wd 18gbdrives

Do you have only this disk connected externally or also other disk connected to the internal connector ?

As far as I know the Firmware of the HP NetRAID's controller (all of them) check if the disk drives have an HP firware too.

Michael Lampi
Trusted Contributor

Re: Netraid 1si and wd 18gbdrives

Double check to make sure that all the drives are not set to Force SE mode, and that all the SCSI terminators are either LVD only or of the LVD/SE type.

The RAID controller itself should not be aware of SE or LVD SCSI, regardless of the branding of the firmware on the drives.

Another possible reason that the drives work in SE mode is that your cabling is faulty. In SE mode half of the wires are grounds, and it is possible that one or more of them are not making proper contact. This would become apparent only in LVD mode where each conductor must be functioning properly.
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Re: Netraid 1si and wd 18gbdrives


Have you gotten the WD drives to work LVD Ultra-2 mode yet? HP NetServer Tech support suggests a drive firmware "difficulty". But WD is out of the SCSI business and Compaq, which used these drives doesn't have anything on it's website (that I can find) that addresses the problem.

WD tech support mentioned a rumor that insufficient terminator power could be at least part of the problem. Alas the drives don't provide term power; a way to check this would be to add an Ultra2 drive which DOES provide term power at the end of the SCSI channel. Also alas, I don't have one of these available to try.

My config is a 3si controller with a 68-pin WDE18030 in the common tray on channel 0 (it works fine), 3 SCA drives in the hot-swap cage that don't work LVD mode (array configures as RAID 5, on-line, but Win2K server cause drives to go to "FAIL" when it tries to write signature).

Finally, 3-17-2001, HP tech support suggested HP was considering a lab test of the WD drives to pin down our problem because they've been getting lots of calls - probably because egghead.com has auctioned maybe 1000 drives and lots of HP netservers.

Roger Faucher
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Re: Netraid 1si and wd 18gbdrives

There is a lot of info about these drives on Western Digitals website (or at least about some of their 18GB SCSI LVD drives. Since you didn't give the model number, I can't be certain if the info is related to your model...but you can take a look) at http://www.wdc.com/acrobat/enterprise.html

I would bet you've got the wrong terminators or perhaps the default jumper needs to be removed. Good luck!
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