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Netraid 1si

Robert Gearhart
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Netraid 1si

I have a Netserver E800 with a Netraid 1si card. Problem: the netraid card loses the physical drive arrangement settings. The NVRAM maintains the correct settings. Every time I need to reboot (prototyping web site), I have to play with the Netraid bios settings. I have upgraded the bios on both the card and the E800 server. The drives test fine - all are less than 3 mo's old.

I am running NT4 sp5 (vendor's recommendation).

Any ideas - please?? I am about ready to pull the card out.

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Re: Netraid 1si

I strongly beleive nothing is wrong with the card ,But the HD's may be the problem.
Are you sure these are HP HD ??
Update the bios for the HD ,some drives have mismatch version that conflicts with the Raid controller.
Best of Luck