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Netraid 3Si won't clear errors

Dean Carpenter
Occasional Contributor

Netraid 3Si won't clear errors

Hi All -

Sorry, posted this in the Server forum by accident ...

I have an older HP NetRaid 3Si card, Bios B.02.04 (11/11/2002) Firmware C.02.08 with a bizarre problem ...

It insists that scsi IDs 2,3 on channel 1 are not responding. Yet they are there, and working fine. The array is using them, and the array is fine. It's as if there was an error at one point that hasn't been cleared/resolved. Resetting the controller to defaults didn't clear things up.

I've rebuilt the array several times, moved drives onto and off of scsi IDs 2 and 3 on channel 1. Even cleared the config with NO drives attached. It still insists that there should be two drives on scsi IDs 2 and 3 on channel 1, and that they aren't responding.

This is very frustrating, because every time the system boots, it stops at the error msg, waiting for someone to hit a key to continue. As this box is supposed to be headless, it's a problem.

So, how do I clear the controller completely ?

Thanks -

Dean Carpenter
Occasional Contributor

Re: Netraid 3Si won't clear errors

Wow - no-one has seen a problem like this before ? Can anyone suggest how to clear the NetRaid completely back to factory defaults - clearing eeprom etc ?

Thanks -

Honored Contributor

Re: Netraid 3Si won't clear errors

NetRAID series adapters keeps track of the physical disk drives as part of physical disk roaming feature.

I am wondering about the current state of the drives with SCSI IDs 2 & 3 and all logical and arrays in your case.
Did you check the firmware version of those drives?
Do you see any error message during server POST ?
I suspect there is a NVRAM/Disk mis-match.
Refer following document and follow the steps given as per your case.


If above doesn't help , then second alternative as follows

The assosciation of a physical disk drive with a logical drive and the array configured remain till they are initiallised from the scratch again.
It's all depends on the array and logical drives configuration done & controlled by the NetRAID controller.

Do you have a logical drive spanned across arrays?
It may be possible the drives belongs to more than one logical drives of different RAID levels except RAID 0.
Normally, Autorebuild feature if enabled will take care of rebuilding of data as long as the drives are replaced on the same slots and the drive to be rebuilt contains one or more logical drive with various RAID levels except RAID 0. In all other cases, manual rebuild is required.

The only reason I feel could gives those errors because the rebuilding was not successuful for those failed drives earlier.

In short , you need to initialise the logical drives, then array to which those drives are supposed to belong. Be-aware this requires taking useful backups of your data,configuration etc. and then start to configure the arrays and logical drives from scratch.

Refer following docs as well