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New Netserver Installation w/ Netraid 1M

John M Tse
Occasional Contributor

New Netserver Installation w/ Netraid 1M

I have a new LC2000 server (to be installed with NT) that is being put together from scratch and was wondering about the following.

I have 2 9GB Non swappable drives (boot drives)
4 36.4 GB hot swappable drives (data / application drives)

We plan on implementing a Raid 5 using a Netraid-1M controller. I was puzzled about two things:

01) With four swap drives do I need to dive them into two set in the swap cage, two in ConA and two in ConB or since I am using a seperate Raid controller this does not matter.

02) What cable is suppose to be plugged into the RAID controller card. Do I take the cable from the on board scsi to hot swap cage and
plug it into the RAID controller instead?

03) Should I just leave the RADI controller off first and install it later after I can boot and configure the server and if so how does the cabeling work again.


John T

Paul R. Dittrich
Esteemed Contributor

Re: New Netserver Installation w/ Netraid 1M

Disclaimer: based on LH3, NOT an LC2000

1. You definitely want the NetRAID card installed when you install NT.

2. By default, the hot-swap cage is configured as a single group of disks but removing the short cable on the back of the cage allows you to configure them as two groups instead of one.

3. If you leave the two bays interconnected, it makes no real difference which bays you use for your drives but a single controller runs them all.

4. Yes, you can just move the cable from the onboard controller to the NetRAID card, leaving the other end connected to the cage.

I hope this helps a little....