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New SC10 Storage Unit

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Brian Ham

New SC10 Storage Unit

I have just received a new SC10 device loaded with drives. How do I implement this device with Mirror Disk and LVM? I would like to make this unit a RAID5 and be able to see the newly installed unit.

This will be installed to an already configured/running L2000.
Krishna Prasad
Trusted Contributor

Re: New SC10 Storage Unit

If you configure the Unit to be raid 5 you probably do not want to use LVM mirroring because the hardware will be providing your disk protection.

I am not sure of the config options on the SC10. But I remember configuring a Model 20 a few years ago and there was a piece of software available that let you configure the raid unit.
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Helen French
Honored Contributor

Re: New SC10 Storage Unit

Hi Brian,

Some information:

1) SC10 doesn't have a RAID controller inbuilt. It just like a diskstation. If you want to use hardware RAID on SC10, then you need to have an addition RAID controller card on the server. You can purchase HP's raid 4Si card ( A5856A) for doing this.

2) Mirror/UX is using for software mirroring. It is equivalent doing RAID 1 on the disks ( performance will be slow in software mirror). Again you need to purchase this from HP. HP will send you the codeword for Application CD and then you can install this.

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Eric Ladner
Trusted Contributor

Re: New SC10 Storage Unit

With only a L2000, MirrorDisk/UX and a SC10, you can't do RAID-5.

An SC10 has only one mode: JBOD.

The only way I know to do RAID-5 on a HP box is with a controller card (like the RAID 4si card) or if the drive expansion box supports it itself (which the SC10 does not).

The Mod20 has an intelligent controller that lets you do that stuff. The SC10 is just a bus and hot plug drives.

I have both a Mod20 and several SC10's here. We use a couple of RAID 4si cards for the SC10s to get RAID 5.
Sandip Ghosh
Honored Contributor

Re: New SC10 Storage Unit

Hi Brian,

Have you received any FC60 Disk Array unit alongwith SC10? FC60 is generally used with SC10 for implement the RAID. If not then you have to use mirror disk UX as metioned by the others.

Good Luck!!!
Jerry Jaynes
Frequent Advisor

Re: New SC10 Storage Unit

With the SC10, a ggod card(s) to use is the A5868A. It is a 4 port RAID card.

Does your SC10 have 1 or 2 Service Processors?

If you have multiple SP's, you can run in full bus or split bus mode.

Note, this device does NOT have autofailover like the model 20.

But with dual SP's and dual SCSI's, you have a fair amount of redundancy.

To configure the SC10, you use the IRM software. It is very easy to use and extremely flexible.
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Re: New SC10 Storage Unit

You could think about Veritas Volume Manager if you want RAID5 w/out any additional hardware. Veritas offers software RAID management, something LVM does not.

Just my 2c.

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