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New Smart Array 6400-128 battery failure on battery-backed cache

John Golter
Occasional Contributor

New Smart Array 6400-128 battery failure on battery-backed cache

I powered down an rx2600 for about 3.5 hours and when powered up received the following message about the batteries failing to charge on the battery-backed cache of the Smart Array 6400-128.

This is a new controller/array from HP and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before?

HP Smart Array 6400-128 Controller (version 2.74) 6 Logical Drives
1794-Drive Array - Array Accelerator Battery Charge Low
Array Accelerator Posted-Write Cache is temporarily disabled.
Array Accelerator batteries have failed to charge and should be replaced
1724-Drive Array - Physical Drive Position Change(s) Detected -
Logical drive configuration has automatically been updated.

The following is from HP's product overview stating that the battery should hold a charge for four days.

ECC-Protected Cache Memory: Removable, battery-backed cache memory protects data, up to four days, in the event of power failure, server hardware failure or controller failure. In addition, HP provides an exclusive design that includes redundant and replaceable batteries for greater cache protection.