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New Volume not available on Server

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New Volume not available on Server

I have a MSA 2312i that has an original volume with 3 disk in a 2TB RAID5.  I have added 6 new disk and configured for a 10TB RAID5 volume.  Everything looks good on the MSA2312 I've created the new Volume, set up a explicit map to the same target server as my original volume.  I still see the original volume on the server but the new volume doesn't show under Disk Manager  on the Server which is WIN2008R2.  Should the new volume show up using the same target since it's coming from the same MSA2312?  the Original Volume is on LUN1 and the new volume on LUN2.

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Re: New Volume not available on Server

I've seen this on MSAs where a new LUN was only detected in the iSCSI initiator after rebooting the server, have you tried that?

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