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New disk for MSA2312FC

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New disk for MSA2312FC

Hello experts,


I have a little doubt.

I have an MSA2312 dual controller array working nicely with several 300GB SAS disks.

I acquired a new disk with spare part 480938-001 and model ST3300655SS. I have other disks with this exact model running ok with FW 02.

The new disks comes with firmware 06. After checking the MSA2000 downloads page:




it states the for the 06 fw "Please DO NOT use this package for flashing the drives if they are in any other configurations, including in HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 and MSA2000 G2 array configurations."


Now, does that mean that I cannot use this disk in my array? Or does it just mean I should not upgrade an already existing ST3300655SS (say, with FW 02)?


If the disk cannot be installed in the array, is it possible to downgrade the fw? I haven't been able to find a 02 download...


Thanks a lot in advance.




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Re: New disk for MSA2312FC

06 is perfectly fine to be used in your array. And it's perfectly find to use the updater to upgrade your existing drives. (Of course, do a full backup before messing with the firmware on your drives, because unexpected problems can occur causing data loss whenever you're doing anything like this.)

What the warning notice was saying is that this particular installer package should only be used with drives installed is a MSA 2000-series G1, and shouldn't be used with drives installed in any other system, including G2 and later versions of the MSA 2000.
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Re: New disk for MSA2312FC

Thanks a lot for your reply.