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New harddrive for Deskpro EP 6400

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New harddrive for Deskpro EP 6400

A friend owns a Deskpro EP 6400. The harddrive it came with crashed. Her father bought her a new NON-COMPAQ harddrive for her birthday. I have been trying to install it for 6 hours with NO LUCK. Partitioning is no problem. She wants NT 4.0 Workstation so I format it in FAT16. I put in the setup disks(3). Then I put in the NT CD. It tells me that the C partition is not formatted(I know I formatted it) and would I like to do it now.

I say "Yes" and it tell me that the harddrive is unformattable??? I restart and check and it says "NO HARDDRIVE FOUND"???

WHY? Must you replace a Compaq harddrive with another Compaq harddrive???

Here are the parameters:
1)ULTRA ATA/100 40GB harddrive
2)NT 4.0 Workstation
3)Partitioned(without large 4)disk support = 2.1GB)
4)Format type = FAT16
5)Jumper setting have been double checked.
6)Only 1 harddrive on the system.

WHY is it not working???
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Re: New harddrive for Deskpro EP 6400

Do not create a partition. Windows will do that. Delete the existing partition you created. Just use the blank disk. You might have to experiment with the partition size though. NT4 is limited to boot from a partition that does not extend past the 1024th physical cylinder of the hard drive. So depending on the translation table used by the controller this could be as large as 8 MB. You can try that first, no larger than 8MB will work. For example, I have a 30GB disk here and the max was 5.8GB.

If it doesn't boot, delete the partition again and try something smaller.
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