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Nike Disk Array - Dirty Cache Won't Clear.

Cy Foughty
Occasional Contributor

Nike Disk Array - Dirty Cache Won't Clear.


C2300 - Model 20

16MB Mem
Prom: 8.02
Microcode: 09.25.0

Auto Assign isn't working on a couple of RAID 5 LUNs.

The log says:

A0 0x90a (Can't Assign - Cache Dirty) 0x00

Also from the log:

SP A 0x923 (Vault Load Fail/Bitmap OK) 0x00
SP A 0x90b (Cache Init Failed) 0x00

There are no error indications other than that.

I also have tried to enable system cache.

So it seems that my problem is that the system cache won't enable, and because it won't enable it can't clear the dirty cache.

The system is completely down. I'm trying to preserve the data.

Why wouldn't the system cache enable?

BBU is ok
ADP is 0
BDP is 0
UDP is 0
Cache is disabled

Everything else is in an OK state.

What is the little secret to get into the PROM internals and fix this puppy?