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Nike Firmware

Andreas Becker
Occasional Contributor

Nike Firmware

I have heard that i need a new Firmware for my Nike model 10 Disk Array if i like to update my MPE System to V6.5
Who has some expierience whith the update, and know where i can find the firmware ?
Marco Suerig

Re: Nike Firmware

Hello altogether!

There are several issues for a Nike when you update to MPE 6.5. To cover all of them I strongly recommend to contact your local HP Response Center.

1) When your Nike is configured as part of the System-Volume-Set you need a special patch for 6.5 which can only be installed on 6.5 at ISL prompt via remote console form HP Response Center or an Customer Engineer.

2) The Fast/Wide SCSI device adapter firmware cannot be updated after moving
to 6.5. Therfore you should update it before to 3944.

According to the NIKE firmware I do not know any issue for 6.5 by now.