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Nike Model 20 / microcode update

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Nike Model 20 / microcode update

I currently use a Nike Model 20 with 20 2Gig drives. Recent I was able to accuire 24 18Gig drives for my Nike. The latest firmware is on one of the 18Gig disks, now what? I have read the service manual but it does not cover upgrading the firmware from a disk. Can anyone tell me how to update the firmware? The Nike will not even boot with the firmware disk in slot A0. Help, please ....

Jamie Bohr
Josee Bourget-Thuma
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Re: Nike Model 20 / microcode update

Hi Jamie,

I had to do microcode upgrades back in Nov 2001. You will need to get HP's assistance with that.

If my memory serves me right, you need 2 things to complete this. The disk you already have and a tape with some upgrades.

The tech will come visit you with a tape.
He/she'll be doing the work from the console with system shutdown.

I'm trying to dig up the old call info for you.
Good luck.

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