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Nike with RAID 5 groups

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Nike with RAID 5 groups

my customer has a Nike 20 with one controller and wants to upgrade to 2 SP's.

How would you balance the load across the SP in the fastest time..



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Bill Hassell
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Re: Nike with RAID 5 groups

The controllers are cooperative interaces to the disks. As such, they will access the required disks as requested. RAID 5 means that the data is striped across all the disks so parallel access (such as simple mirroring) is not possible. This means that load balancing must be performed by the host. For a system like HP-UX using LVM, alternate links will accomplish this task. For a given set of disks that are bound together, they can be accessed one controller at a time, but the other controller can access another bound volume at the same time.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Nike with RAID 5 groups

access one lun through sp a and the other lun through sp b..

BUT you can screw up a nike easily.. with autotresspass on, and incorrect lvm primary/alternate

look at my earlier answers.


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