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Nothing to do

Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

Nothing to do

Both VA7400 and Brocade switch are configured as Fabric. VA seems correctly 'registered' on the switch.
'armdsp -i' gives nothing.
I think it is a problem with LUN0. I tried to delete LUN0 with 'vfpcfg -L 0 -d', to re-create it with 'vfpfmt' (it gives 'Not enough drives' message and then reinitialize array) and with 'vgpcfg -L 0 -a ...'

What else can I do?

Thanks again
Honored Contributor

Re: Nothing to do

Well I don't know this array but am assuming it's command line is equiv. to the FC60 and 12H.

Try an 'armdsp -a ' and look for the state of the drives.

If the armdsp -i doesn't return the id, try armdsp -R
and wait for the server to start.

Do you still see the arraycntrlr / lun0 on an ioscan -fnk

It works for me (tm)
Domenico Viggiani
Super Advisor

Re: Nothing to do

'armdiscover' dosn't show anything even if I attach the array directly to the host (without Brocade switch).
'ioscan -fn' shows controller/LUN0.

It seems a difficult issue,
I opened a support call with HP-Italy.