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Nwconfig & V_repair hangs on NW5.1sp5


Nwconfig & V_repair hangs on NW5.1sp5

Hi folks,
At first I thought it a minor hiccup but now I am becoming increasingly alarmed about the problem.

Servers is Netware 5.1/sp5 eDir8.7, CPQ ML370 with onboard nic.
The server started off with a RAID5 3 x 18G drives (logical drive1). Later another two were added to the array (logical drive2).
A few weeks ago it was decided to merge the data from another server (80GB) and increase disk space for future expansion as well. So we replaced the 5 existing 18G drives one-by-one with 72GB drives and also a sixth one in the last remaining empty slot.

After all the drives had rebuilt I created another (number 3) logical drive with the free space off the five 72G's and a fourth logical drive off the last 72G drive. There were no problems with this. I now have four logical drives all looking healthy in Insight Manager.

Next I went into nwconfig to add the free space and NWconfig "hung" when I selected "Configure Netware partitions/volumes - Modify disk partitions and Hotfix" option from the menu.
In the end I had to power the server off and reboot it. I decided to see what monitor said about the drives and when I selected the "storage devices" option and scrolled down the list and got to "Hotfixed Partition" it "hung" again.
Another power off and reboot.
Then I tried a different approach. Unload DS, dismounted both volumes and ran vrepair. Selected "Repair a volume" from the menu and - "Hung" again.

At this stage the server still loads up and runs fine. I am concerned about any disk errors that could cause the server to abend and try an auto v_repair as that would probably be the end of that.

My thoughts.
1] load latest drivers from CPQ but if the server is "sick" I might make it worse
2] Try another (better) array controller but again, it might not like something on or with the disks and make things worse.
3] As a last resort re-install the server ( a very last resort)

Sorry for this long post but I needed to explain the problem fully so as to get (hopefully) some good suggestions on the next step to take.

Many thanks - Mark V