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OSEM does not recognize a managment entity

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OSEM does not recognize a managment entity


I have installed OSEM 1.4.5 on a command view server.
(HP Blade BL460c, HP Management agent installed + SNMP enabled + ISEE installed)

Now I have entered a new system (the CV Server itself)
on the "Managed Systems" tab by entering the IP address of the system and the name.

After I pressed the apply button and switched to the managed systems list, the new system is in list but the additional information e.g. serial number, product number and mac address are empty. On the "valid SN" tab I see two question marks.

A restart of the OSEM service take no effect.

Is the BL460c not supported by OSEM?
Bruce Wrobel
Occasional Visitor

Re: OSEM does not recognize a managment entity

OSEM will fill in the data one of three ways.
1) From HPSIM 5.1 or greater if it is installed on the same server as OSEM and the Managed By drop down is set to managed by HPSIM. (Note this drop will only appear if HPSIM 5.1 or greater is present on this server)
2) OSEM receives an event from the server.
3) Managed system information was filled in using the OSEMmsio tool before OSEM was started.
So until one of the above occurs the data will not be filled.