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Re: OVMS-uid on MSA2000

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OVMS-uid on MSA2000

I have a MSA1000 with an embedded 2/8 fc-switch connected to an OVMS alpha server (will be replaced by an IA64 rx2660 soon).
Units are 0-11, luns are 1-12 and unit identifiers are 101-112 giving $1$dga101-112 on the vms host.
For the new MSA2000 connected to the switch I have created (via CLI>) volumes with lun 101-114 and ovms-uid 201-214 for the 1.vdisk (1.enclosure), lun 201-214 and ovms-uid 301-314 for the 2.vdisk (2.enclosure) and lun 301-314 with ovms-uid 401-414 for the 3.vdisk (3.enclosure).
Later on, using the SMU utility, even if you have selected the ovms host, you can see in the 'Manage Host Mappings' window the default mapping with the normal luns and not with the defined ovms-uids.
When creating an explicit mapping for the vms host (profile is VMS), the 'LUN*' field offers the normal lun of the volume and not the ovms-uid.
Do I have to enter the ovms-uid for all the volumes again when doing the mapping via SMU? The ovms-uid you can see only in the 'Volume Overview' window in the field 'Volume Description'. Why isn't the normal lun of the volume displayed here too?
When doing no specific mapping for the vms host (using only the default mapping), do the volumes map via the displayed normal lun or via the not displayed but defined ovms-uids?
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Re: OVMS-uid on MSA2000

I have put it in the OpenVMS forum