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Old Smart Array controllers firmware

Johan Mauritz
Occasional Contributor

Old Smart Array controllers firmware

Hello, We have a lot of smart-array controllers, f.i. 2DH en 3200, they have an older version of the firmware(4.16) and they said you must have version 4.40, but i can find only the version 4.50 and not the older versions.
Can you give me a site whre i can find it, or can you tel me what SP number it is than i can find it.(I have all the SP's)

Sincerly, thank yoy for all

Johan Mauritz



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Re: Old Smart Array controllers firmware

Hi Johan,
we have the same problems. A Smart Array Controller 3200 for a Proliant ML530 with firmware 4.16. Want to have a newer version but the only version that we can found is 4.50 and upgrading the firmware doesn't work. Do you have allready a solution? If Yes... please can you tell it? Thanks in advance,
Ruud Heerschop