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One failed disk crashed all hyper-v infrastructure


One failed disk crashed all hyper-v infrastructure


we have situation were one failed EVA 4400 disk crashed all hyperv infrastructure. We use 3 hyperv servers with fc passthrough and cluster shared volumes attached with multipathing from EVA storage. After one Eva disk failure we got one Cluster Shared Volume as failed. After this, VMs started migrating rebooting and changing it's state. I rebooted two hosts. Finally all machines came online apart those on failed Shared Volume. I was not able to get failed disk online.

I tried to unpresent the failed virtual volume from Eva and Eva console stuck for an hour. After this Eva not unpresented the disk, but I checked and I was able to get failed Share volume disk back online. VMs came back to operational state.

Why one failed disk crashed all hosts even we have double protection on disk groups? Should we reconfigure Eva or hyperv?