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Open V emulation type on XP1024


Open V emulation type on XP1024

Can someone give me a concise description of what the Open-V emulation type is on the XP1024... I can find no reference to it in the XP documentation, but it is mentioned in this document:


as providing variable LUN sizes - is this the same as HDS's VLVI, or is it something completely different?




Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Open V emulation type on XP1024


OPEN-V is different than VLVI. (the XP still has VLVI [aka CVS].)

It's not documented well because it's a new feature - introduced in February 2003.

OPEN-V is a direct emulation, where VLVI allows you to take an emulation (such as OPEN-9) and cut it into 2 or more LUNs. So, you should be able to use VLVI on an OPEN-V volume (I don't know why you would, but you could).

I haven't set up an XP with OPEN-V yet myself... so, take this with a grain of salt and confirm it with your account ASE or Solutions Architect:

I'm sure that OPEN-V, being an emulation, has to be setup via "define and configure" - which you cannot do (only HP service tech can do define & configure).

Ask your account ASE or Solutions Architect for the docs - they should be able to find them easily.

Good luck,

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Tom Milner
Occasional Advisor

Re: Open V emulation type on XP1024

OPEN-V is a new emulation method that simplifies creating Luns of arbitrary sizes from 48MB-2TB. It uses CVS & LUSE underneath but hides the setup complexities of using the combination these 2 services (licenses for both is required). I've also heard that the result is faster I/O.
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