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Open-V v/s Open-E

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Open-V v/s Open-E

I wanted to know whether Open-V emulation can be used to format any of the LDEV in HP XP arrays ,or just the snapshot volumes .

I also wanted to know the port number and mapping on HP XP10000 .
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: Open-V v/s Open-E

Open-V is the preferred emulation level on XP10000 and XP12000. Both machines have been designed for Open-V (Cache line size, performance, scalability etc)! The other Open levels are just here for backwards compatibility.

All LDEV can be formatted in Open-V; some features actually require Open-V!

Find attached a port map of the 16 ports that reside on the combined CHIP/ACP board.

XP Pete
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