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Optimize AutoRAID 12H workload

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Jack Fan
Regular Advisor

Optimize AutoRAID 12H workload

Our engineer has created 8 LUN's on AutoRAID 12H, 4*15GB and 4*7GB. Then created one VG on system with 8 LUN's ( may be have mistake before ). And created 2 LV on this VG, one for 79GB ( /data ) and one for 8GB ( /ap ) .

Question, why not the disk work loading balance on those disks ( 8 LUN's)?
The massive disk utility on particular disks.

Thank in advance.

Jack Fan
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Optimize AutoRAID 12H workload


If I understood correctly, you are asking why the VG is not spread out along the 8 LUNs evenly.

When you create a LUN on the AutoRAID 12H, ALL the disks are used and striped accordingly. No matter how large the LUN is, all the disks are used.

Then of course there is the issue of RAID 0/1 and RAID 5 migration. How many disks does your AutoRAID have? And what capacity do each disk contain?
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