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P2000 G3 CompactFlash replacement

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P2000 G3 CompactFlash replacement

Hello, All!


I've got an error "Event ID A442, Code 204, An error was detected related to the CompactFlash card" and some other erros like "Event ID A692,  Code 313, RAID controller B failed, reason Cache memory size incompatible", "CompactFlash failed"


 The controller is degraded now. The controller card contain 8Gb Lexar CompactFlash 300x.

It seems to me, a should replace the card. But I can't buy a card exactly the same. Could I use 400x card, for example?

I hope that I will find exactly 8 Gb card at any rate.


P.S. I've read the topic "MSA2000/P2000 G3 Compact Flash card format" and it was useful as background...

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Re: P2000 G3 CompactFlash replacement

There are some advisories about issues with this card related to older firmware versions. What version is running?


current version is TS250P003

Hope this helps!

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Re: P2000 G3 CompactFlash replacement


Excuse me for delay with answer.

I will see about firmware today.


It seems to me, it was some troubles with updating firmware exactly on this controller.


P.S. excuse me for mistakes in grammar.

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Re: P2000 G3 CompactFlash replacement

I found something interesting.

First of all, both controllers of my P2000 use firmware TS250P002.


Searching the Internet a little, I found that in TS250P002 and TS250P003 firmware release notes in the section "The

following features were fixed in controller firmware TS250R021" says that "Event 481 indicated that the compact flash (CF) needed to be replaced, but the CF is not a replaceable component. When event 481 is received, you need to replace the controller module."


That is not my fault, and it has been fixed in an earlier version TS250R021. does this say about the more general problem of unwanted replacement of the CompactFlash Card?


 So I'm not sure that I should upgrade the firmware to version TS250P003 and the more that it will solve my problem with CompactFlash
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Re: P2000 G3 CompactFlash replacement

Moreover, according to the forum topic
the one way is to replace the controller B which has this error...