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P2000 G3 FC login problem

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P2000 G3 FC login problem

Hello after few weeks with P2000 G3 FC dual controller I have trouble with login to MSU from browser (IE, FF). I always get ssl_error_bad_mac_alert message in web browser and cannot continue with login.


I tried to adjust NTP time, on/off port on switch where is management port connected but still without luck.


Do you have any ideas what going wrong?





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Re: P2000 G3 FC login problem

Could be a browser, certificate, time setting, firewall, etc ... problem.

What if you try another PC without a firewall (even local) between?

Hope this helps!

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: P2000 G3 FC login problem

And if the problem is the same on another machine - could be that the management controller is not doing so well.
It can be restarted from the cli.