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P2000 G3 upgrade both controllers

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P2000 G3 upgrade both controllers



Customer currently has P2000 G3 with 2 FC controllers. Now they buy 2 new FC/iSCSI controllers.

We have to replace 2 controllers. We think of 2 solutions:

- Solution 1: Turn off disk system , replace 2 controllers, then turn on disk system.

- Solution 2: Turn off 1 controller, replace , then do again with the other controller.There is always 1 controller in online state.  Disk system is online for the whole process.



If do option 1: After turn on disk system, can the 2 new controllers detect vdisk, volume configuration from HDD and bring them online ?


If do option 2: Is is possibale ? Document  "HP StorageWorks Controller Module Installation Instructions" indicates : "When two controllers are installed in an enclosure, they must be the same model. Mixing controller types in the same enclosure is not supported." 


Please advise us the right/better solution.


Current controllers' information:

Storage Controller CPU Type: Intel Tolapai 1200MHz

Bundle Version: TS240P001

Build Date: Tue May 22 14:14:31 MDT 2012

Storage Controller Code Version: T240P01-01

Storage Controller Code Baselevel: T240P01-01

Memory Controller FPGA Code Version: F400R02

Storage Controller Loader Code Version: 23.008

CAPI Version: 3.17

Management Controller Code Version: L240R038-01

Management Controller Loader Code Version: 2.5

Expander Controller Code Version: 2018

CPLD Code Version: 22

Hardware Version: 53

Host Interface Module Version: 51

Host Interface Module Model: 15

Backplane Type: 7

Host Interface Hardware (Chip) Version: 2

Disk Interface Hardware (Chip) Version: 3



Thanks in advanced.



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Re: P2000 G3 upgrade both controllers

As you already said, option 2 is not supported. Option 1 should pick up all the configuration (since the config is stored on disks and enclosure backplane).

Hope this helps!

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Re: P2000 G3 upgrade both controllers

Thanks Torsten.


We did option 2 and it worked.



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Re: P2000 G3 upgrade both controllers

very useful. thanks for share