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P2000 & D2700

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P2000 & D2700



We recently brought a HP P2000 G3 FC MSA disk array along with D2700 Array. Both the Array's are interconnected with SAS cable.


I want to know the best practise for creating RAID in this set up. Can i create a vdisk by using Physical disks from both the array. Will it have any perfomance issue.


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Manoj K



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Manoj K
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Re: P2000 & D2700



We have a similar setup.  Before starting installation, I downloaded from HP:s website a document titled "HP P2000 G3 MSA Best practices", reading it is well worth the time it takes. In the document, they give the following recommendations:


The best practice for creating virtual disks is to add them evenly across both controllers. With at least one virtual disk assigned to each controller, both controllers are active. This active-active controller configuration allows maximum use of a dual-controller configuration’s resources.
Another best practice is to stripe virtual disks across shelf enclosures to enable data integrity in the event of an enclosure failure. A virtual disk created with RAID 1, 10, 3, 5, 50, or 6 can sustain an enclosure failure without loss of data depending on the number of shelf enclosures attached. The design should take into account whether spares are being used and whether the use of a spare can break the original design. A plan for evaluation and possible reconfiguration after a failure and recovery should be addressed."


So, accordingly I created one dedicated RAID6 vdisk with a dedicated spare disk for each shelf. Each vdisk is owned by a different controller (1. by A, 2. by B).  Creating a vdisk that spreads over two physical shelfs, and/or using a global spare that might be taken over by a vdisk that resides on a different shelf, is  IMO too dangerous.