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P2000 snapshot - newbie questions

Olaf Pelzer
Occasional Contributor

P2000 snapshot - newbie questions



I'm a newbie to the p2000 - so please excuse my simple question.. ;-):


We want to buy a p2000 to be used in a small esx-cluster, but unfortunatly my distributor can't answer several questions, so I hope one of you can answer these questions:


1. If I want to use the snapshot functionality of the p2000 in the mentioned esx-cluster: - is a snapshot done on the complete p2000 storagesystem over all vdisks or only one vdisk?

2. Can I use that way (with one vdisk for one vm) to have a shortterm backup of my vm's ? Is that the recommended way to use snapshots with VMs?

3. Is the snapshot function thats integrated into vSphere/vCenter accessing the P2000 snapshots or are they iindependant of each toher?


Thx in advance