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P400 array extend under RHEL5

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P400 array extend under RHEL5



I using DL185G5 with P400 raid card and running under RHEL5.  We just add additional disk and already extend the logical drive by hpacucli CLI command  and show the new size there.


However, when we using pvdisplay or vgdisplay in linux CLI, it did not show any Free PE there.  Is it I got some problem here?  It is because I read some material from internet said it will shown some Free PE.


Is it I can using lvextend directly to extend the volume or just using resize2fs to resize the logical volume directly?


Please advise.  Thx!

Arunabha Banerjee
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Re: P400 array extend under RHEL5

Please follow below steps:


1. First check the disk size with fdisk -l command. If it is already increased or not. After expanding RAID from array controller utility (hpacucli) you need to reboot the server.


2. After server reboot again check the disk size with fdisk -l command. This time you can see the new size.


3. Once you able to see the new size, delete existing partition information and recreate it.


fdisk /dev/cciss/c0d1 (for example)
press d then 1 to remove partition
press n then primary partition to use the full space
Make sure the old and new partition start at the same cylinder or sector position, otherwise, data will be destroyed.
press t to change partition type to LVM
note: you need to reboot again


4. Now resize physical volume size with pvresize command (like: pvresize /dev/cciss/c0d1p1)


5. Now resize logical volume size with lvextend command (note: use vgdisplay -v to check the number of free PE)

(like: lvextend -l +17879 /dev/vg01/lvol01)


6. Now resize file system online with resize2fs command (like: resize2fs /dev/vg01/lvol01)