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P400i Expand array not available

Occasional Contributor

P400i Expand array not available

We have a DL 380 G5 with a P400i array controller, we have just purchased the battery upgrade and cable however even after leaving the battery to charge and rebooting the option to expand still does not appear in the ACU.

I have run a diagnostics report on the P400 and the cache Battery Cound = 0 (0x00)


Am I missing something here?

I can provide the Diagnistic report if required.

Honored Contributor

Re: P400i Expand array not available



Please attach the ACU report here.





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Occasional Contributor

Re: P400i Expand array not available

No need to worry.  The cable hadn't been connected.  We had the client shutdown the server unplug the cable between the controller & battery and re-attach and on starting the server back up it is now recognising the battery (yay)


FWIW the clincher was the battery count = 0x0 in the Array Diagnostics report, it is now reporting 0x1 & charging.