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P410 Array diagnostic utility

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P410 Array diagnostic utility

Recently, after updating firmware on p410, 3 drives needed replacement. Few days later, two more drives report as bad in Insight Diagnostic, so I log a call at HP Support and the guy at tech support, after analysing ADU logs, tells me that everything is alright except for one drive (which he sent to me) among the 14 I have (7 on each server) and he also tells me that HP Insight Diagnostic cannot be used to diagnostic the health of my drives and that I must rely on the info provided by the ADU report. Man, I don't want to peek in a more than 8000 lines report to find how much read/write errors are occuring for drive x. So, my question is: Is there anybody out there that can help me find a tool that works with the P410i (on a DL380G6) that can warn me when something is really going wrong with my raid arrays?
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Re: P410 Array diagnostic utility

Here you will find both server reports from ADU and Insight Diagnostic. If someone can point me how to know which drive needs to be replaced, I would be happy again.
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Re: P410 Array diagnostic utility

That sounds so odd.

Why have a diagnostic tool if you aren't supposed to use it?

Anyway, good parts in the ADU:

First, in the top you have "Consolidated Error Report:".

Then under the "Monitor and Performance Statistics (since factory)" that you want to check. On each drive.

Like these would indicate that the drive is still operating fine but that it needs to retry some operations and quite possibly soon it may have to be replaced:

Write Errors Retry Recovered
Read Errors Retry Recovered

Maybe this section might be handy as well, but I don't know exactly what each means:

"Monitor and Performance Violations"

You can also see this section "Serial SCSI Physical Drive Error Log".

In this one you will find the "Physical Drive Error Log Entries".

Sense Key/Qualifier/Sense Code are the most important ones I guess.

It's not very obvious, but you can use http://www.t10.org/lists/asc-num.htm to translate them.. All under that section is not "errors" and may just be information events like when the drive spins up.

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Re: P410 Array diagnostic utility

The System Management Homepage, is my favourit.

If a drive is degraded, and if the stoarge agent report so, you will have an yellow mark, indicating degraded Status, just follow the warnings, and it will take you to the problem.

And, if you want to check the drives, simply click on the drives, and scroll down. That will show you the statistics. And it should show a lot of reads and a lot of writes, and everything else should show 0's.


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