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P411 Smart Array Controller Upgrade

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P411 Smart Array Controller Upgrade

I have a P411 Smart Array controller, part number 462830-B21, with 256 MB of cache. Can I upgrade this controller to have BBWC with part number 462969-B21, the 650 mAh P-Series battery? Or can I upgrade it with either the 512 MB BBWC, 462967-B21, or the 512 MB FBWC, 534916-B21?


If I can upgrade it will all or any of these options, will it maintain my current controller configuration which is connected to a D2600 disk array in RAID 5 with hot spare?





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Re: P411 Smart Array Controller Upgrade

Please, refer to Page Number 19 for available/supported Smart Array Controller Configuration from Quick Specs: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13404_div/13404_div.pdf
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