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P420i - Smart Path - Code 347

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Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

P420i - Smart Path - Code 347



using P420i Controller with 2 SSD RAIDs (RAID 1 & RAID 5) - Smart Path enabled for both logical Drives.

Since Smart Path is activated the Controller gives me Code 347. (The cache for smart array p420i in embedded slot is not configured)

The "Configure Cache" Option is also gone ... as soon as I deactivate Smart Path the Error is gone and Cache is configureable again ...


Is this behaviour intended? Why does this Configuration raise an Error?


Thank you

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Honored Contributor

Re: P420i - Smart Path - Code 347



Please try with the latest version of the Smart Storage Administrator. That should fix it. 



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Re: P420i - Smart Path - Code 347

I had the same issue and it was fixed by following the solution proposed in the link below:


Basically you need to disable SSD SmartPaths:

FIX: In order to resolve the issue follow the steps below:

1. Open the HP SSA.

2. Click on arrays.

3. Now click on Disable HP SSD Smart path & save it.

4. Once when it is saved user will see the cache manager enabled.



Patrick Neuner
Regular Advisor

Re: P420i - Smart Path - Code 347

Thanks for your information. I know that would fix the error, but basically it shouldn't give out an error if you use smarth path. With Raid 1 or 1-0 it doesn't show the error. 


So yes, a newer version most probably will fix it anyway, we have the version installed that was shipped with the last PSP of June and haven't checked a newer version yet. 


Anyway, as we saw performance penalties on write when using Smarth Path we disabled it now and as you mentioned, the error is gone too.