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P6000 - Replacing Controller

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P6000 - Replacing Controller

Hi All


i have to replace on a existing iscsi p6000 the controller.


old one - iSCSI 1Gb/s Controller

new one - FC 8Gb/s Controller


does anybody have an advice or some experience how to perform this ?


Can I just replace the existing iscsi controller with the new one ? one by one ?

Or do I have to shutdown the p6000 at all ? if yes, what's about the configuration ?


I do not want to loose the existing data.


I appreciate any help.


kind regards


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Re: P6000 - Replacing Controller

From older EVA models i know if you want to upgrade them, you need a backup (just in case), then shutdown and power off, replace both controllers and start up. I assume the same here. Because of different connections you need to present the LUNs again.

Hope this helps!

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Re: P6000 - Replacing Controller

You do not think, that, cause the 1 Gb/s Controllers have 2 x FC Ports and 4 x 1 Gb/s Ports, it's possible "just" to change both controllers ?


The only difference (I assume) between these is, that iSCSI Controllers have a MEZ50 Adapter as iSCSI Router, which is connected to 2 of the FC-ports. That's why the iSCSI Controller has only 2 FC Ports.


Re: P6000 - Replacing Controller

Here is my solution, if somebody has the same problem:


configured all iSCSI hosts to san
shutdown p6000 from CV
replaced both controllers
startup enclosures and controller
soft error (cause open FP1 & FP2 ports, SAN connected to FP3 and FP4 as it was with iSCSI Controller)
installed sfp, loopback connectors, configured direct access
startup controller 1 and then controller 2
removed iscsi routers from command view


I do not sure, if I could make the replacement online. I had to delete the iscsi routers anyway.

But this is the procedure, which the HP engineer said to me.


hope someone else can use this solution