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P800 Smart Array Failure on Warm Boot

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P800 Smart Array Failure on Warm Boot

I am wondering if anyone has any insight into this problem.

A ncustomer has a P800 Smart Array Controller in an IBM System x3650 with MSA60. The only other controller in the server is the onboard raid controller supporting the internal disks

p800 at 5.22 Firmware
x2650 at 1.15 firmware
Windows 2003 Server SP2

Initially when the P800 controller was installed the IBM server reported a PCI Allocation Failure. This issue is due to not enough system rom to load the P800 during post. The IBM Server has only 128k of address space it seems.

As such the device did not initialise and was not seen in Windows

After disabling PXE and boot from LAN capabilities, the card was recognised and the driver was able to be installed.

The issue now is that if the server is cold booted (power Off/On) then the p800 initialises and the MSA is seen. All is good,

If the server is warm booted then the P800 fails with a '1782 Disk Controller failure'

This occurs whether the MSA is connected or not.



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Re: P800 Smart Array Failure on Warm Boot

I should add that when the controller fails with the 1782 error is is not detected under windows.