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P800 Smart Array and 2 MSA60

Cesar Ruvalcaba
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P800 Smart Array and 2 MSA60

I have an existing file server (DL385 G5) with a P800 Smart Array Controller and 1 MSA60 currently attached. It has a RAID 5 configuration.

I want to add a second MSA60 .
Based on the MSA60 manual, it recommends the Cascading (1+1) configuration where I plug the second MSA60 to the IN SAS port.

Once I complete this and I power everything back on, is the second MSA60 going to be defaulted to a RAID5 configuration and will I be able to format the second MSA60 at that point without effecting the first MSA60?

Is it best to do this inside Windows or via a SmartStart CD to use the ACU?
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Re: P800 Smart Array and 2 MSA60


You can do this online and with affecting the the other storage array under ACU.

However, you should make sure that all of your data is backed up, the System, HBA, MSA60, disk drive firmware and storage drivers are *all* up to date and 'in sync' with the existing MSA60.