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PLEASE HELP -- How do I remove drives from a Smart Array 221 Controller

Jeremy Greene_2
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PLEASE HELP -- How do I remove drives from a Smart Array 221 Controller

our production server crashed (proliant 3000)
and i brought our backup server (another
proliant 3000) up...

both machines have the same configuration
smart 221 controller with 3 x 9.1gb drives
configured as raid 5 as one logical drive by
the ACU split by NT4 into 2 logical drives
...boot (c:) and data (e:).....

to ensure my data was current....(the server
crashed following a hotfix...)i pulled the
3 drives (slots 0,1 and 2 in the old machine)
from the crashed server and
put them in to the new live server in
slots 8, 9 and 10 and started the live machine...
added a logical drive with the 3 physical
drives in ACU (V 2.5) and assigned drive letters
q: and r: in NT....i then successfully copied
my data from r: (the old drive e:) to drive e:

now we are stable i want to rebuild the boot drive on the old machine so we have a backup server again (effectively swapping the roles of the 2 machines)

i want to pull the three 'new' drives from the live machine ie the second logical array with 3 physical drives in slots 8,9 and 10 and put them back in my backup machine in slots 0,1 and 2.....

I want to ensure that i can bring my live machine straight back after drive removal...i have tried turning off, removing and rebooting
but that gave me 2 boot options....F1 drives described as unavailable and F2 rebuild data....F1 worried me and F2 didnt seem inappropriate because there is no data to rebuild on the remaining 3 drives...another
ploy i have tried was to remove the drive letters in NT, couldnt do that because they were still part of an array....deletion from the array using the ACU but that said data would be lost and so i refrained from that...

I would like to keep the data on the 3 drives to be removed if possible (not essential) ....the key thing is to keep the data integrity of the 3 drives left in the libe machine and be able to reboot/restart the
live machine straight away...

could you possibly guide me as to how to achieve my objective

i really appreciate you assistance