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Pairdisplay Problem

Occasional Advisor

Pairdisplay Problem

Hi Team,

We have CA-BC Configured here.we are running pairdisplay command from the root user and it's running fine but i want to run pairdisplay command from other user.

Default Pairdisplay comm. permission: r_xr__r__
we have changed pairdisplay permission:
r_x r__ r_x
[Command resiede in /HORCM/usr/bin ]

but still unable to execute this command.

Please help me.

Honored Contributor

Re: Pairdisplay Problem

paridisplay permission will be:

$ ll /usr/bin/pairdisplay
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root sys 26 Nov 20 2006 /usr/bin/pairdisplay -> /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay

$ ll /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay
-r-xr--r-- 2 root sys 587239 Jun 14 2006 /HORCM/usr/bin/pairdisplay

please paste your command and the error.

Thanks & Regards