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Pairdisplay intermittent

Phil D Jones
Occasional Contributor

Pairdisplay intermittent

Hi all, I have HORCM installed on 2 Windows 2008 servers.It is a Veritas Metrocluster. I have a situation where when I open a cmd prompt on both servers,and run pairdisplay, the first one I run it on times out with this error...

C:\HORCM\etc>pairdisplay -g BCDR_CA -I50
pairdisplay: [EX_ENORMT] No remote host alive for remote commands or Remote Raid
Manager might be blocked (sleeping) on an existing I/O.
Refer to the command log(C:\HORCM\log50\horcc_G4W2878C_log.txt) for details.

Then I run it on the other one and it works, but then it all of a sudden works on the other... this works this way going both directions... then I let it sit for a couple of minutes, then it does not work again... I tried adjusting the timeout in the HORCM.conf file....I have checked the network... there are no firewalls and all looks good. Is there some setting that will set a "keep alive" value where they do not "sleep"
Trusted Contributor

Re: Pairdisplay intermittent

can you share the log file please?
Phil D Jones
Occasional Contributor

Re: Pairdisplay intermittent

here are log files from the HORCM directory
Occasional Visitor

Re: Pairdisplay intermittent



I write you this message because i have exactly the same problem with Raid Manager on a linux.


Do you success to resolve your problem?


Thanks for you Help.


Done George
Occasional Visitor

Re: Pairdisplay intermittent

I have exactly the same problem with Raid Manager / CCI 1-30-3.3 on windows 2008. I came to the conclusion the horcminstances go to sleep after 60 seconds from the last time they were used. They will not wake up when a request over the network comes, but they will when they are used with a pairdisplay command locally. So, if you run pairdisplay on both servers, the one on which you issued the first pairdisplay will time-out and the one you issued the command a second later will work. If you go again to the first server and issue again a pairdisplay in less than 60 sec. from the first one, it will work also. As workarounds some people a runing a pairvolcheck command every 45 sec to prevent services from going to sleep, other people are running it as a Windows service (there is a tutorial available if you search for HORCM and SRM)