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Peer Controller Failure for HP Model 20 Disk Array

Rene Peralta
Occasional Visitor

Peer Controller Failure for HP Model 20 Disk Array

I have a similar problem with our HP9000 K260 Model. Based on old notes, the list of disk devices we had on the server were:

Path Use VGroup Desc
10/0.6.0 LVM vg00 Seagate ST34371W
10/12/5.2.0 CDFS -- Toshiba CD-Rom SCI
10/4/12.1 -- -- Nike Controller
10/4/12.1.0 LVM data HPModel 20 Lun
10/8.0 -- -- HPModel 20 Disk Array
10/8.0./ LVM data2 HPModel 20 Lun (Raid)

Just recently, the volume group "data" became inaccessible. Initially, I thought that the disk drive had failed and had attempted replace the drive and restore the information. This was unsuccessful because the lssf query to the device associated to /dev/data returned back "disc3 card instance 1 SCSI targe 1 SCSI Lun 0 section 0 at address ??? /dev/dsk/ct1td0.

the ioscan results for the hardpath 10/4/12 only returned:

10/4/12 ext_bus HP 28696A-WIde SCSI ID=7
10/4/12.5 target
10/4/12.5.0 tape Quantum DLT4000

the root mail also had a message:

High Availability Array Monitor

Peer Controller Failure
Product ID HPA3232A_RAID_5
Physical Device 10/8.0.2
Controller B

Since the system can't identify the device at its hardware path, I'm assuming the problem is not with the drive but with the controller?

As you probably can tell, I'm new at this..and it is not my area of specialty. Since this is old equipment, we were thinking it would be better for us to try to fix it ourselves.

Any suggestions would be helpful :-)
Brad Baron
Frequent Advisor

Re: Peer Controller Failure for HP Model 20 Disk Array

You can connect a terminal or laptop to the ports on the back of the array and check Grid Manager and the logs to see if you have a contoller failure. Also check for amber leds on the back of the array. Sometimes reseating the controllers fixes the problem. Good Luck!