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Perfmon on EVA

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Perfmon on EVA


I would like to use perfmon utility to monitor/measure I/o activity towards disks on an EVA3000 and IBM DS4300 - to compare results.
Any hints on which parameters should be included in the perfmon tool and are there any good programs which can be used to analyze the data?


Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Perfmon on EVA

When you install Command View, EVAperf is installed by default too. It also installs the performance counters in Windows Perfmon.exe.

Check this doc for an explanation of each counter:


Evaperf can also capture the data to a CSV file, that can be processed with evaperf-tlviz-format.exe
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Re: Perfmon on EVA

you can use the evaperf all command with the -csv, -cont (continious) and -dur (duration) commands which you can then feed into the tlviz format tool (to then analyze with tlviz)

or you can just get quick snapshots using the different evaperf counters. I generally find vdg (virtual disk group), pdg (physical disk group) interesting at amid level or hps / hc for high level info or vd (Virtual Disks) for very specific Information.

Be sure to use the fnh and fn commands to enter in a valid CM EVA user & load the friendly names into evaperf (Disk Group Names etc.)

Have Fun!