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Performance Problem between msa1510i and msa2324i

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Performance Problem between msa1510i and msa2324i


I have a performance problem between msa1510i and msa2324i

The both are connected to the same switch. If I'm copying files from an MSA LUN to a local LUN or to a network share all works correct.

But if I'm copying files from a msa1510i LUN to a msa2324i LUN from the same server, then I have performance problem. It starts with copying and suddenly it looks like it stops and the given copy time increases. Suddenly then it continues and sometimes we must abort it because it takes too long.

We already had a same issue while we try to copy from msa2324i to a local disk. But then we enabled "flow control" on the switch and on the network card and then it was working correct.

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Venkadesh Kannan
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Re: Performance Problem between msa1510i and msa2324i

change the multipath policy to "Least queue depth" on both MSAs. It should resolve the issue.