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Performance Specs on HP Storage Systems

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Performance Specs on HP Storage Systems

Does anyone have any basic performance specs for HP storage "bake offs" within the platform? Any speeds and feeds numbers would be appreciated.

I am looking at comparing performance on a number of systems going back to the old school FC60 w/ SC10's attached, up through the 12H Autoraids, through the VA7100, VA7400, VA7410, VA7110s and side tracking through the MSA1000 w/ MSA30s and finally ending up in the EVA3000,5000,4000 and 8000 series.

Currently we're running a rp4440 with a VA7110 attached and are looking to run an itanium rx6600 with a direct attached storage array that would be an upgrade on through-put from the VA7110. We would be putting around 1TB of data on the array and growing slowly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated even if it's just an opinion based on experience.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Performance Specs on HP Storage Systems


You'll have to dig into things a little, however the QuickSpecs archive here:


will probably be a good starting point.

Hope this helps,