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Please Don't Laugh - DEC HSD50

Chris O
Frequent Advisor

Please Don't Laugh - DEC HSD50

Is there anyone left at HP who is familiar with the former DEC line of StorageWorks controllers? I have a couple of questions if you would please bare with me.
1. Are upgrades for HSOF firmware cards still available and if so, how do we get them?
2. We have a HSD50 controller with a corrupt serial number. A DEC Field Service Rep. walked us through how to correct this a few years ago but the information has been lost. Does anyone recall how to do this?
Thank you. Chris
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Please Don't Laugh - DEC HSD50

Wow, that brings back memories.

I looked around in some Digital (now HP) internal conference (ssdevo::hsd30_product) but had no luck finding serial number reset.

Don't you have some old manuals lying about?

Now these DSSI storage systems are rather limited by today's standard are they not?
Like 5mb/sec, 250 IO/sec? Any change to move into yesterday's scsi for 4x performace?

Good luck,
Chris O
Frequent Advisor

Re: Please Don't Laugh - DEC HSD50

Why we are still using DSSI and even SDI is a long story. The main reason is the cost to migrate the software to another platform.

Believe it or not, the HSD50's are an upgrade. We purchased five of them from a reseller.

As far as manuals, none of the HSX manuals available at the customer level have this information in them. The mode I referred to is normally reserved for Field Service. The problem is there do not appear to be any Field Service Reps left who know about this.

Thank you,