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Poor Performance in MA6000

Daniel Gómez Pérez
Occasional Contributor

Poor Performance in MA6000

Hello managers...

I have an MA6000/HSG60 with 12 disks 36 GB, 2 Disk Enclosures (6 disks x enclosure) and ACS 8.5L. The 12 Disk are members of a Raid 0+1.
The storage send a error, battery error, and I sIMULATE A REPLACE battery with Frutil command; then i could make new units dx, initialice etc; but the performande is +- 30 MB x Minute; sho this dont say nothing and the Virtual Disk, units, disks,etc is ok. My SO is Windows 2003 Enterprise US, the fc card is a Emulex LP800 (driver loaded actually ver 4.52 a9); CCL is Enabled in MA and this generate a Pseudo-Disk in the Disk Management that i disabled in the Device Manager; what happend?, w2003 is supportted with ma6000 and acs 8.5L, could be cleared the discs generated by ccl?
¿Is normally this performance?


Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Poor Performance in MA6000

Hi Daniel,

a couple of points:
I don't think the CCL is causing your problem. What do you mean by Pseudo-Disk? The CCL appears in Device Manager, but not under Disk Drives, and I've never seen it in Disk Management (either SCSI/RAID controllers or System Devices) Do you have Dual HSG60 controllers? How is it all connected? It could be that you have the same LUN visible twice due to redundant paths - you need securepath to get this working correctly

Also, Win2003 has some extra disk properties. Go to Device Manager, under Disk Drives, go to the properties of the HSG Volume, under Policies -> Optimize for Performance -> Enable Advanced Performance. I'm not sure if this works for HSG-based disks, but it worked for the MSA1000. A reboot might also be necessary for this to take effect.

Daniel Gómez Pérez
Occasional Contributor

Re: Poor Performance in MA6000

No hardware and no config problems; Antivirus configuration was the problem.