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Poor Performance + internal/external Raid

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Poor Performance + internal/external Raid

Proliant DL380 G2
Smart Array 5i
Internal Drives: 2 x 18 GB, 10K rpm (Raid 1 mirror)
Firmware: 1.8
The Insight manager says that all is ok.
We are using the latest drivers, Support Paq, Rom Paq.

For testing we used Hardinfo 2002 and coping of a large file (2Gb) using the performance monitor of the W2k Resource Kit.

We made several tests and get only 5-7 MB/sec read/write performance. My opinion is that such a performance is poor today. I expect 20-30 MB/sec.

Further we attached a 5300 Controller 64 MB (FW 2.32) and got 7-12 MB/sec read/write performance. Which is once more not a good transfer rate, too.

But I don't know what are the real world average values for performance of this two controllers. The dealer which made performance test with another DL380 G2 system says that this values are ok, but of course we are in the year 2002. I can't believe this.

We also attached a second external RAID storage unit to the Smart Array 5i controller, but our dealer says that this controller will only support a internal raid. I can't believe this, because it works and the FAQ says:

"Q8. How many drives will the Smart Array 5i support?
A8. The Smart Array 5i will support RAID data protection functionality on all internal drives and up to 14 external drives.
Q9. Will the Smart Array 5i support both internal and external drives at the same time?
A9. Yes, the Smart Array 5i has 1 internal SCSI channel and 1 external SCSI channel which can be run simultaneously "